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Ski Legend Shane McConkey Dies in Italy

shane_mcconkeyOne of the most influential skiers of our time passed away in a tragic Ski B.A.S.E. accident in Italy on March 26, 2009. Shane McConkey is synonymous with pushing the limits of the ski industry and the perceptions people have about professional skiers. He will be missed but his legacy will live on for sure. How do I know? Well, those fat skis you are skiing on, thank Shane. Those reverse camber skis you see out there, Shane. Ski BASE jumping....yeah, Shane. This guy was a pioneer. And he did it with class and a love for life. I had a chance to meet Shane once at a ski show in Vegas. He and I talked about skiing in BC over a couple of Red Bulls and Jaegermeisters. Great guy, thanks for the inspiration.

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