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Steep Discount from BCA

StashPacks.2The winter season is over but we haven't stopped thinking about snow. So here's the deal: in preparation for next season, Back Country Access is offering a discount to our friends on all of their remaining 2009/10 season Stash packs (sorry, Float packs are not included). How do you cash in? Simply visit the online store, put the packs in your cart, and at checkout, enter the coupon code FRNDS10. You'll get a 25% discount on the retail price of any Stash pack you buy!

Here’s a sneak peek of the new gear for 2010/11:

Float Avalanche Airbag Packs: They've changed the material and styling—and added a diagonal ski carry system and hydration sleeve.

Stash Packs: For 2010 Back Country Access re-worked and streamlined the entire Stash pack collection. This year they’ve also introduced their first-ever dedicated snowmobile pack, called the Stash Throttle.

Probes: BCA has added grip tape to the probes and encased the Quickie loops with a robust cable housing for easier handling in winter conditions.

Need help with an order? Call Back Country Access at 303-417-1345 and they'll answer any questions you may have.