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Gear Reviews

4FRNT VCT Freeride Skis


Pros: Tough, handmade, rare, tonnes of pop, crush the crud
Cons: The artist fell asleep at the wheel, top chips a bit

The first time we clicked into these was at a rockhard day at Big White in 2007. We liked them then and love them now. The 181cm size is perfect for on and off piste (I can't believe I just used those words) Ok, this set of sticks is unreal in the powder but where they really sing is in the trees and in the chopped up stuff. If you don't have the budget to catski all the time, they rule on the hill and are no strangers to the park. They are named after Vincent Dorion after all...

We are not sure where you can get these, but ask around. They are worth the search.

Scott Motive Goggles

Scott Motive Goggles

Pros: Fits in Helmets, lots of design choices, affordable, good vision in flat light
Cons: Basic design, foam could be better

We have been using the Scott Performance goggle for years but switch the last little while because we wanted to look like all the other cool kids on the hill. The truth is, the Performance goggle was a great fitting, functional goggle, it was just too plain Jane! Now, Scott has spiced things up a bit with the new Motive. Built on the same platform as the Performance, the Motive offers style and function. I chose this funky green pair to show how much I loved the environment. They are 'green' goggles!

Check em out at your local retailer or search online at

Scott P4 Freeride Skis

Scott P4 Freeride Skis

Pros: Fat, New, Different, Beefy, Loads of Float, Did we mention beefy?
Cons: Look like a sweater my Mom made me wear in grade school

The big gun, the P4 is fat, twinned up and a powerhouse boasting two sheets of titanal. In short, the P4 is primed to float you through the backcountry, destroy crud and groomers and let you huck yourself switch. These skis are great for the bigger skier who charges hard. When you can't charge anymore, you chug a few Red Bulls and keep going! These babies turn on a dime suprosingly for a big stick.

The Scott series of skis is starting to get some noteriey around the ski world. You will find them in smaller core retail stores with gruby shop guys drooling on them. If you are into last year's stock, check out They have some instock periodically.

Canon TX1 Powershot Camera

Canon TX1 Powershot Digital Camera

Pros: Compact, long battery life, easy to use, its a Canon...
Cons: Not so esay to use with gloves on, the zoom feels backwards (but that is just us)

Ok, so Canon is breaking some barriers with this little piece of technology. We got our hands on one of these during the '07 Mountain Bike season, by the time the snow flew, we had 3! The point we are making here is that these are extremely versatile cameras that not only shoot 10 megapixel still images, but it also shoot 720 p HDTV video. Don't rub your eyes, you read correctly. HD baby! You can be the envy of all your YouTubin' friends with the hottest looking ski vids.

Search the web and you can find some good deals on these units. For a more detailed and professional review, got here: DPReview

Icebreaker Body Fit 200

Icebreaker Bodyfit 200 Men's Top

Pros: Made from sustainable wool, doesn't smell, doesn't itch
Cons: not too many colours to choose from, costs more than a tank of gas!

We some of this Icebreaker gear a season ago and one of us (names unmetioned) decided to try going a year without washing it. Well, we all survived and the piece of clothing did not smell at all! We can't say enough about this stuff except for that you can only really afford to buy one piece a year because it is a little pricey. However, awesome performance and great tempurature control.

Check more out at: