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2011 Salomon Czar

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2011 Salomon Czar
Sizes: 166, 174, 182, 190
Side Cut (174): 128|108|111
Special Features: High Twin Tip Tail, Full Wood C0re

The Salomon Czar is a fun playful ski that lends itself well to tricks and poppin' around the features on the slopes. This ski tripped us out the first few turns because it has an incredible amount of float while not being the largest ski in the test. This makes it nice and loose to throw around, land switch and all those jibbing type actions if that is what floats your boat. So if you are looking for a tonne of float in a playful ski but not want to buy two pairs of skis, check out the 2011 Salomon Czar.

The SUV of the 2011 Salomon Ski Line-up

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