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Lodge Multi Day

$875 - $1420 per day

32,000 Acres

4 Snowcats

With 32,000 acres Baldface has every type of terrain imaginable from scenic cruisers in open bowls to heart-pounding steeps in the trees. Snowcat skiing and cat boarding at Baldface require that guests have at least intermediate/advanced-level powder skills.

Each year the snowfall and conditions are unique. Our guides’ goals are to operate at the highest safety standard while showing every group a variety of fun and challenging runs and fresh tracks.

  • Base (meeting point) location at Norman Stibbs airport, Nelson.  Heli to lodge (Boat and Snowcat if weather is stormy). Baldface Lodge is directly across Kootenay Lake from Nelson.
  • Food: All included -- Breakfast buffet, abundant lunches for the cat, aprés soups and appies, and dinners crafted from locally-sourced sustainable farms.
  • Lodging: Stay at timber frame chalet or main lodge included
  • Special features: Massage appointments with certified therapists are available after skiing, a wood-burning sauna is prepared for guests at the end of each ski day