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A Skier's Journey - China

Catskiing in China - Who knew?

In the early 1990s there was one ski resort in China. Today there are over 500. Recently China's sole catskiing operation, Changbaishan Peak, was established. It costs just $85 for a ride to the top. Yes, it is on the border of North Korea and happens to be a volcano, but it is powder right?

In 2022, Beijing will be host to the 2022 Winter Olympics exposing the greater population to skiing. There is even a replica of Jackson Hole two hours from Beijing! It is clear, ski culture is embedding itself in China.

Jordan Manley has done it again with his second installment of A Skier's Journey this season. In A Skier's Journey - China he explores what skiing is to the Chinese people, where it came from and where it is going.

If your head is not clear, it will be clear if you ski. If you have difficulty breathing because of smog, it will be better if you ski.

Enjoy this peek into the burgeoning ski culture in the World's most populace country. Who knows, one day we may be booking catskiing trips to China.