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Check out Skeena Catskiing's Backcountry Base Camp

A real backcountry experience...with a snowcat!

Last season Skeena Catskiing established their all-new on-tenure backcountry base camp. They put up a series of robust tents, and a main tent designed to give you the ultimate backcountry experience. You wake up in the morning and the cat pulls up right in front of your tent. After a day shredding northern BC pow, you get dropped off right back at their basecamp.

I don't know about you dear powder lover, but this basecamp looks like a tonne of fun. Imagine yourself here with your closest pow-mongering friends, a sufficient amount of brew, couple that with the small town hospitality offered by the Skeena staff and you are in for one heck of a good time.

Check out a few of the pics and be sure to check out more at

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