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Glen Plake visits Mustang Powder Catskiing

Filming for this year's Warren Miller film Timeless

Last season Glen Plake dropped in to check out Mustang Powder Catskiing. They were shooting for Warren Miller's latest ski flick: Timeless.

"I can't believe where they take these cats. The road systems are incredible. The guides? Of course Top notch! They have one thing in mind...LOTS OF SKIING!"

We have skied Mustang a few times and know exactly what Mr. Plake is talking about. Nick and the crew up there are all about getting in as much skiing as humanly possible. Then they feed you well and tuck you in for a good night's sleep so you can do it all over again!

 Check out this little behind the scenes exerpt from Warren Miller's TImeless and then be sure to keep the tradition going, grab some buddies and go to the premier in your area.