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The Salomon Freeski TV Season 5 Trailer is out!

Mike Douglas and Dane Tuder stop by Big Red Cats this season

The Salomon Freeski TV Season 5 trailer hit the web last week to much excitement. After watching this teaser we can see why. The had one heck of a season to shoot last year. One of the biggest, most consistent La Nina winters we have had and as with other ski vids set to release this Fall, more catskiing ops have been featured. 

This time it is Big Red Cats in the spotlight on Salomon Freeski TV. Kieren and Paula from BRC called us the other day to fill us in on their visit from Mike Douglas and Dane Tuder this past March. Here is what they had to say:

"Mike Douglas and Dane Tuder and the guys came out filming with us in March 2011. These guys were really good. They brought with them a miniture helicopter - which needed 2 people to operate it. One person to fly it and the other person to operate the camera. This allowed them to get some amazing camera angles.  

I was amazed how good these guys were. Going off jumps and hits that had never been skied before and doing some all sorts of tricks double backs - multiple spins - all into fresh powder with no takes. Pretty awesome."

As you will see in the teaser and the episodes to come, Big Red Cats new terrain is looking pretty sick and will be worth checking out this season. Kieren and the crew have been working hard on their summer glading and we are shopping for a remote control helicopter to get some of those sweet shots!

Bring on the snow!