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WATCH: A few pros having a good time and taking it all in at Island Lake Catskiing

Nick McNutt and friends session a massive booter!

Island Lake Catskiing seems to be a mecca of sorts. A place where the current pros of the day go to check out and see what the allure is to all the skiers and boarders of years gone by. First it was Scot Schmit and Craig Kelly. Today it is the likes of Nick McNutt, Tim Durtschi, Dane Tudor and Dash Longe.

They all come up to Island Lake for some reason or another. In this edit it is to session a massive booter against the backdrop of the jagged peaks of the Lizard Range. There is one common thread between all the pros and all the years: they are always taken by the magestic setting Island Lake is found in. The peaks, the snow, the lodge, the lake. It is all astounding. Pro or not, who wouldn't want to come here.