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Wingsuit Flying over Island Lake Catskiing

You read the title right...

In the sometimes surreal world of high-octane action sports, there seems to be a continual upping of the ante. For sheer absurd entertainment value, there is little that compares to the newish sport of wing-suit flying. These slightly “off kilter” athletes jump out of a helicopter or off a cliff, fly with their specially designed wing-suits and engage a small parachute when close to a landing zone. With little room for error, these stuntmen have not only been pushing the boundaries, but annihilating them.

In April of 2015, Island Lake Catskiing invited some of the top wing- flyers in the world to come up for some post ski season fun. The 5 KAVU and GoPro Team athletes of Marshall Miller, Jesse Hall, Neil Amonson, Jeff Shapiro, Hartman Rector, came up and blew minds with their flying. After a few rounds the “flyers” became more comfortable and buzzed Papa Bear Peak, flying about 10 feet off the summit. Hartman Rector, whom has a reputation for pushing the envelope a little further, not only buzzed the big peak, but also did a cork screw (360 rotation) trick in mid flight – a truly impressive sight. Though on the surface these athletes seem a bit reckless and crazy, the fact is that everything they do is highly calculated and planned. Close proximity flying is premeditated and every detail thought through, as the consequences are high.

Watch for a full segment in the new Island Lake TV show next year.

Wingsuit flying over Island Lake Catskiing Gallery:

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