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2015 Powder Fat Ski Test

Testing the big fat fatties at Big White Ski Resort

While you were skiing mid season pow and still stoked on the 2014 gear, we were invited to try and test the fat powder skis up at the Big White ski intro. Alongside our partners at Fresh Air we shredded run after run on the new 2015 Ski offerings from K2, Volkl, Armada, Line, Head, Salomon, Atomic Skis and Rossignol. Some were unchanged, some where refreshed and tweaked while others were completely new.

Some stand out skis for us were the 2015 Atomic Bent Chetler, the 2015 Volkl Mantra, the 2015 Line Magnum Opus and the 2015 Annex line from K2.

You may notice in the video that we are stoked about pretty much all of these skis. That is not because we were bought off with beer and gear (well, sort of). It is because we selected only the skis we were interested in testing. We skipped the ones that weren't fat enough and went straight for the goodies. Kind of like pushing the veggies aside and just going for the steak!

Enjoy the vid. It is a bit longer that what we normally produce but is jammed packed with info and eye candy (the skis, not the skiers!). If you need any advice or opinions on what you saw here, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If we are looking to pick up a new pair of 2015 powder skis, please check out our friends at Fresh Air They carry some amazing product and are extremely knowledgeable. And as always, tell em we sent ya.

We hope you are as pumped about the 2015 ski season as we are!

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