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Lodge Multi Day

$1440 - $1610 Per Day

86,500 Acres

2 Snowcats

Keefer Lake Lodge is nestled in the Monashee Mountains in the Interior region of British Columbia. We are home to some of the lightest and driest snow around. We have consistent weather and are far enough away from the ocean that we don't get affected by warm weather fronts. Our terrain has something for everyone and if your legs are willing you can ski or ride unlimited powder snow all day long! So join us this winter and let's make some powder dreams come true.

At Keefer Lake Lodge we offer two main types of packages. Three night all inclusive and four night all inclusive. Three-night package guests arrive Saturday evening and enjoy Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday catskiing. Four-night package guests check in on Tuesday evening and enjoy Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday catskiing. We do offer a limited number of 2 day Catskiing packages. These are usually early or late season. You can even book an entire snowcat or reserve the entire lodge and fill both cats!

We feel we have the ideal lodge location at 1400 meters (4600 feet). Our guests have the option to drive right to the front door where our staff are waiting to greet you or we can coordinate your group with our shuttle service, if you choose.

There are no transfers involved! In the morning, you will gear up in our NHL style locker room and step out the back door, straight into our awaiting custom snowcat.

Your ski day starts when you open the door. There are no long transfers or cat rides to get your first turns. You will head straight up the mountain and be skiing in 20-30 minutes (depending on the chosen first run location).