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2011 Crown Skis Kensho

made in bc, the home of catskiing

2011 Crown Skis Kensho
Sizes: 175, 190
Sidecut: 142|106|122
Radius: 25m (183cm)
Special Features: Woodcore Sandwich construction, Mini Rocker, Custom Graphics Option
Made in Canada!

Powder skiing, crud busting, ripping in the trees and bowls. Does this sound like a perfect date? If so, then this is the ski for you. We must admit, it was a little different looking upon a first glance, but once you got beyond first impressions you discovered how you could easily have a love affair with these babies! This ski was happier at a little higher speeds and the long length meant you should probalby have some good strength. But that is why those earned turns are so sweet!
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