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2011 Line EP Pro

I'll take two please

2011 Line EP Pro Freeride Jib Powder Ski
Sizes: 185 Only
Sidecut: 153|127|150
Radius: 15.90
Special Features: Sidewall Constructiuon, Ealrly Rise 45cmx30mm, Early Taper, Symmetric Flex Maple Macroblock core, Fatty base & edge

Like most of you, we have been watching Eric Pollard smoothly make his way down some powder sloped most of us only see in our dreams. The difference with Eric is that he makes it look easy with such grace and little effort. Part of the trick is this ski that beares his name. The 2011 EP Pro has it all: Nose Rocker, Tail Rocker, Reverse Camber, solid wood core, sweet graphics and some surprising verstility. If you are the kind of powder skier who likes to jib and jump of of everything and anything the EP Pro gives you a tonne of pop followed by a really controlled and smooth landing. Don't be afraid to make these the only skis you use whether in the backcountry powder skiing or on the lifts. It just works and we like it.

Hey, even if you don't ski like Eric Pollard, this is one step closer.

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