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2011 Movement Fly Swatter

big floaty and fun!

2011 Movement Flyswatter
Sizes: 175, 185
Sidecut: 145|125|145
Radius: 17m (185cm)
Special Features: Sidewall CTS Woodcore, Dynamic Tri-Axial Wrap, Okulen Synthetic Base

When we first set our eyes upon this very curious looking pair of skis we thought they might be broken. The rocker tip and tail are that drastic! You, like us, may thing that they are silly and won't perform. That is where we all would be wrong. These 2011 Movement Fly Swatters are the real deal. A tough woodcore construction coupled with a short turning radius make these the ultimate backcountry jibbing tool. Take all your best days in the park at your local resort, add a snowcat, take away the lift lines, add a dash of powder and BAM! Time of your life.

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