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2011 Salomon Rocker

definitely the business

2011 Salomon Rocker
Sizes: 192
Sidecut: 147|127|137
Special Features: Rocker, Full Wood Core, Flat swallow-tail

The 2011 Salmon Rocker was the surprise favourite amongst all our testers this year. When we first pulled it out of the Thule rack, everyone had comments on the size, the swallow-tail and how it looks cool it probably wasn't for them. Thankfully we had this baby for demo in the backcountry powder where it belongs! This skis charges hard down the piste as I am sure you can imagine. What really impressed all of the testers was how easily the Salomon Rocker was to manuever. Remember, this is a 192cm! Now, probably not the most versatile ski for use at the resort but that won't be a problem because once you have experienced these in the backcountry pow you won't be rushing to get back to the chairlifts!

I want these skis!

- Geoff Holman Photographer

Check out the Salomon Website here: