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2014 Powder Ski Test at Big White

We got out on some of next year's gear and there are some good ones!

Last week we were invited by our friends at to come out and test some of the 2014 powder skis at Big White Ski Resort. So like good little powder freaks we dropped everything and headed up to see what is what for the 2013/2014 ski season.

Unfortunatley there wasn't much powder to be found that day but the skis were tried more than made up for the lack of fresh pow. We tried more than 30 pairs of 2014 skis from several different companies and there were a few that stood out in the crowd....

2014 K2 Annex 98, 108, 118

The K2 Annex is a refreshed version of the current SideStash. What the 'stash was missing was a longer tip rocker and a flipped up tail. Both of these features have been perfected in the new K2 Annex series. The tip is a longer and lower rise giving the ski a more comfortable and controled feeling while touring. Don't be led astray though, the Annex has ample edge grip with skiing in the crud or hard stuff. The new tail design allows the ski to break free a little more easily too.

2014 Head Flight Series - Turbine, Cyclic, Collective and Venturi

These skis are a total reversal of everything we have experience from the Head freeride offerings in years past. The are lighter, more nimble and transfer from edge to edge with ease. In years past, the Head powder skis felt light wider GS skis. This is good for some but it really narrows the market for the skis. For 2014 the Head Flight series blew us away. We can't wait to get out and test them in the powder.

2014 Volkl Katana VWerks

The Volkl Katana has always been a solid ski since it first debuted. We always liked it and recommended it for all-round aggressive skiers. For 2014 the Volkl Katana VWerks is insane! It comes in a full carbon design that is ultra thin, ultra light and ultra fast! It isn't going to be cheap and it isn't for everyone, but it you like to ski pedal to the medal all the time and especially enjoy crud-busting then these skis are for you. Your cheeks will ache from smiling so much!

2014 Salomon Rocker 2 122

Unchanged from 2013 the Salomon Rocker2 122 still is a stunner. It is confident, light and can handle anything you throw at it. We have liked this ski since it was introduced and still do. We were looking forward to an evolution to the Rocker but I guess we will have to wait until next season.

We are going to post reviews of all of the 2014 powder skis we tried at the intro but for now we have some skiing to do!

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