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Access the Goods at Mustang Powder

Cat Ski Mountaineering at Mustang Powder

With their new Cat Skiing - Mountaineering Pilot Project you can now access those steeps we all  drool over from the view points at Mustang Powder. We were up there earlier this season as you may know and got a few sneak peeks at the steep piste terrain around the area. We were told this wasn't accessible by the cats but is certainly skiable. That is what got Mustang Catskiing guide Colin Zacharias thinking...

The first trip being offered is March 16-19th and will be guided by Larry Stainer. Larry is the man! You must be a fit and competent steeps skier to handle where he is going to take you. Check out the pics below:

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Trip Details

  1. We will be skiing mostly steep, interesting runs – some of which may have not been skied before.  The access to the ski runs would primarily be via snowcat.   The skinning with touring gear would be used on some runs in order to access lines and chutes which the snowcat cannot totally access. (It will be primarily be a cat skiing trip........with just some touring).   We will be doing big, long days of skiing (lots of daylight in March).
  2. If on a particular day(s) when cloudy weather and/or poor stability preclude us from skiing alpine and steep runs, we will do our regular cat skiing program on our regular treed runs. 
  3. The accommodation will be primarily in the 3rd floor staff wing – so will not be as fancy as the regular guest rooms you are used to using.  You will be either in single bedrooms or double bedrooms with two beds.   There will be shared bathrooms.     The passenger cab on Freya is not as nice as on the main snowcats........but still totally adequate.    Please bear this in mind.
  4. The price is $550/day plus tax.    This includes everything except booze, phone, massage, gratuities etc.
  5. Guest exchanges will be the same as in normal cat skiing trips:   Please be at the ESSO truck stop at 3 PM pacific time on the day prior to your ski trip ( March 15)   An information package will be sent to you upon booking.
  6. Contact Ali via this e-mail address (Not phone) in order to book into a trip.   Since we are already close to the date – the full amount of money will be due upon booking)
  7. There will be only 6 guests on each trip – plus lead guide and tailguide.    This will allow us to have a tight and efficient ski group.........especially important when skiing narrow runs.

If you have any questions or want more information please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..