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Are you the Ultimate Ski Bum?

Prove it by entering the Powder Highway Ultimate Ski Bum Blow Your Mind Contest!

It is that time of year again... time to enter the Powder Highway Ultimate Ski Bum :Blow Your Mind" Contest. All you have to do is Submit an Entry and tell everybody why you would be the ultimate ski bum. It's time to get creative, this will be competitive no doubt. You can see some of the entrants here and scope out who you are going to have to beat.

As far as contests go, this is a pretty good one. Here is what the lucky winner gets:

  • A Season's Pass to 8 Ski Resorts along the Powder Highway
  • 4 Days of Heli Skiing (WHAT THE?!!)
  • 8 Days of Catskiing (8 DAYS??!! WHOOOHOOO!)
  • Accomodation from January 1st 2012 to March 31st 2012 (no more couch surfing)
  • A rental vehilce (for maximum hoonage of course! Don't post those parking lot donut videos on YouTube)
  • And a $500 gas card (this will take a bite out of paying the gas man.)

For full contest info and to enter, click here: