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Back at SWS and it is living up to it's reputation!

We journey back to the place where it all started.


It's the end of our first day here at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing in the interior of BC and the day brought us a bit of everything. We arrived here at the tail end of a BC storm cycle that brought somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100cms in the last week. Add that to the in and out sun all day and you could say it was rather epic.

If you are a valley dweller, you may be seeing rain, warm temperatures and a few flowers popping up here and there. You would never know that there is a crazy amount of snow up in these hills...with more on the way.

We are now sitting in the lodge resting after another great hand prepared meal by Melissa and the SWS staff about to enjoy a few apres ski beverage and prepare for what tomorrow brings us!

Here are a few pics of today with many more to follow.  

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