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Big Red Cats is Going Green

1 step closer to granola nirvana

Big Red Cats today enhanced it reputation as the world most eco-friendly catskiing by installing an Oil water separator last week in the outlet from it mechanical shed. An Oil water separator catches oil or hydraulic Fluid from drains in the floor of our maintenance shed. Kieren Gaul president of Big Red Cats said - "I don't know of any other cat ski operations that have taken this step to protect the environment".  Gaul said "this stuff may not sound sexy - but it has a real impact on the environment"  Gaul also said that "we have also just installed a new double walled fuel tank with spill containment this month".

In addition gaul said "Big Red Cats is one of the only Cat ski operations to use Bio-diesel and also to offer full carbon offsetting fort their guests for an extra C$2 per person per day". 

Big Red Cats also announced earlier this month the building of another 30km of snowcat roads. Gaul said "About 15km of these new roads are short-cut roads that will reduce travel time in the snowcats and therefore provide more skiing for less energy use. Big Red Cats also uses 4 stroke snowmobiles (less emissions and Fuel use) and has an active recycling program". 

Gaul said "that we use about 8-10 lites of fuel per person per day for Big Red Catskiing - compare that to sled skiing where you would use 40-50 litre of gas or Heliskiing where you would use 50-150 litres of gas per person. Catskiing is by far the most environmentally friendly mechanized back-country skiing on the Planet. Gaul said "most people in the city will use more going to the shopping mall than they will Cat skiing with us"


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