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Fresh from the Factory - The Skevik Anton

They still have that new ski smell.

Winter is here. Most of the major ski hills in BC are open. Everyday the snowcat operators are reporting on their road building. Like many of you, we are obsessed with gear and couldn't wait to pick up our new set of skis from Skevik Skis. We didn't go to the store though. Not even the distributor. We went right to their birthplace. The Skevik factory located in Vernon BC (very close to many catskiing and heliskiing operators!) 

We have skied the Skevik Anton before and love it. It is great to have a pair to round out our quiver. But there is something different about this pair. I am not sure if it is the stunning new Pell graphic or if the guys at Skevik are becoming masters at their craft. When I first picked up the Antons from the rack right outside the pressing room I was struck by the quality of the finishing. The bases are incredible. I have been in and around the ski business since the mid 90s and haven't seen factory bases this nice in a while. 

The fact that we know the guys who made these skis personally and that we were able to pick them up from where they were made just adds to the allure of Skevik. The independent ski manufacturing world has really progressed and we are excited to find out what interesting new designs Skevik will come up with this season. In the meantime, we have to get these new Antons mounted up and ready for our first trip. 

Here is a shiny gallery before we mount them up:

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Our very brief but to the point video review of the Skevik Anton: