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Icebreaker Keeps Life Cozy with the Cold front

What's up with the Down?

As the ski hills around British Columbia start the process of opening, it means that catskiing is just around the corner! As I sit here at the computer, constantly checking the forecast and willing it to keep snowing, a cold front is pushing through and dropping nighttime temps to below -20 Celsius. If there is one thing that will get you thinking about warm clothes, it’s that first blast of winter and being outside wearing something suited more for your fall adventures.

This is where I turn my mind to a good insulating jacket, something with loft. I have a number of down jackets, and they are great, but they have their “down” sides (hahah, ahhh….. nevermind). Stink and loss of performance when wet are just a couple things that make you consider the conditions when using your puffy coat. New from Icebreaker this year is MerinoLOFT, bringing the goodness and multipurpose of merino wool to the insulated loft jacket world.

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The MerinoLOFT Helix jacket, shown here in green, is made with a re-purposed highly insulating wool loft for extra warmth when you need it. A recycled polyester exterior sheds the snow flakes, and a merino lining maximizes the good feeling and minimizes the stink. That is always a big plus for the sweaty types like us that don’t want to a smell like we just joined a non-showering hippie revolution. Throw in some cool features like internal wrist gussets and a shaped hooded for when the cold and snow pushes in, and you’re all set.

Taking it up a notch, the MerinoLOFT Ranger Jacket is a blend of outdoor function and urban style. Still the high performance of merino wool, but in a package that you can dress up and take out on the town. We have a review on that coming shortly...

Check out the full line of new Icebreaker MerinoLOFT products for yourself and then get out on the snow!

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