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We don't always wear underwear, but when we do we choose Icebreaker

If you are going to get caught with your pants down, be sure you are wearing Icebreaker


Here it is, the all new underwear from Icebreaker Merino Clothing. Who would have thought that one could wear wool underpants? Rather than itchy, scratchy and sweaty, Icebreaker Underwear is comfortable, dry, and is excellent for active use. And for some reason it makes you take pictures with you holding your spear. The socks are the real deal as well. Great for on your feet or for 'stuffing' (see above).

Icebreaker Anatomica BoxerThis season we decided to change our underwear and start wearing Icebreaker right at the source of our daily clothing. Cleverly displayed in our images here we have the Icebreaker Anatomica Boxers. Bright and tight with maximum comfort. They are made using the ultralight BodyFit 150 Merino wool with a dash of Lycra to perfect the fit. Although Icebreaker uses the motto 'No Stink' we don't recommend pushing the limits when it comes to your underpants.

Icebreaker is more that a clothing company. They are more than fashion. They are even more than a lifestyle. You see, for us Icebreaker is an obsession. An obsession that has seeped from the dark corners of our closets to the forefront of our lives.

Everyday we all make the conscious choice to put on clothes (most of us anyways) and that decision comes easy to some and more difficult to others. But when you have an Icebreaker obsession, these decisions come easy. It goes a little like this: “Ummm, let me see, polyester shirt, cotton underpants, tight and uncomfortable socks? No thanks, I will just put on my Icebreaker again.”

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