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Is there Catskiing in Scotland?!

There will be if this B&B owner has anything to say about it

catskiing-scotland friend and fellow powder freak Andrew Lawrence is out gallivanting the countryside of Scotland right now. He has been keeping us up to date with regular Facebook posts and cell phone photos as per usual. But this photo caught our attention (obviously!). It is a photo of a very cool and presumably very old snowcat. Now, I don't think this thing was designed for catskiing, but the new owner seems to think it will work. Andrew happened upon this cat while it was parked beside the Bed and Breakfast he was staying at and asked the owner what the story was. Apparently the adventurous man had picked this awesome machine up at an estate sale nearby. He told Andrew that he plans to use it to tour around in the winter time.

I can just imagine what happened next: Andrew and the B&B owner swapped skiing stories over some fine authentic scotch. The B&B owner probably marvelled at all the stories Andrew told him of Catskiing in Canada and the simply amazing La Nina season we just had. In return, Andrew was most definitely enthralled with Scotland. The local drinks, the enchanting countryside and that fact that he found a fellow skier in a rainy little hollow across the Atlantic.

We don't have any confirmed reports yet but I am just adding things up... enthusiastic skier, owns a bed and breakfast, just bought a snowcat. Hmmm, add a little 18 year old scotch to that and a guy could probably cook up an idea to start Scotland's first snowcat operation. The one thing I didn't check is the snow to rain ratio in the area!

Thanks for the pic Andrew and for a reason to post something on a rather rainy BC Monday.