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It's Ski Movie Season, Go out in style with Icebreaker

The Pureplus Merino Jacket brings a little class along with fit and performance

It's is ski movie premier season and that means digging through the closet for your favorite technical top, vest or jacket to wear. You know what I am talking about, you pull that sticky poly top and peel it over your head and you're good to go. Well this season we have some advice: Get yourself an Icebreaker Pureplus Merino Jacket and hit the movies with some style. You'll still get the respect of a techie outdoorsman trust us. It's Icebreaker man! You can wear it all season and it won't even stink (we have done this test, it is true!)

What we got our hands on is the new for Fall Icebreaker Pureplus 380 Merino Jacket. Icebreaker has upped their game again this season bringing a new level of style and sophistication to their line-up of merino products. The Pureplus Jacket is one of the most comfortable jackets we have tried in a long time. This is due in part because of Icebreaker's familiar fit and cut but also to the fully lined interior of the jacket. It just slides on and forms to the body.


This jacket is super versatile too. It looks good enough to dress up and go out in the evening, wear it with work clothes during the week and the head out into the elements on the weekends. The jacket is designed to keep you cozy in the wild and windy weather that these shoulder seasons tend to throw at us.

We are off to the first of the many ski movie premiers this evening. Tonight it is Sherpas Cinemas "All.I.Can" followed by TGR's "One for the Road" You will know who we are, we will be the ones sporting the latest from Icebreaker and we won't stink!

For more info on the Pureplus Jacket from Icebreaker, click here>>>
All.I.Can Trailer
One for the Road Trailer