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New web gallery to make you want to throw yourself in a snowbank


If you are anything like my friends and I, and you're reading this so I assume you are, then you are scrolling the web in eager anticipation of the ski season that is about to begin. The skis are waxed, the Icebreaker long johns have been pulled out of hiding, the backpack is sitting by the door ready to go, and you're sitting in a chair in your underwear looking at ski websites and weather reports. I may have lost a couple of you on the last one, but I know you are jonesing for some time in the mountains.

Here's a good fix to hold you over a couple more weeks. Our resident Photographer, Geoff Holman, has just launched a new portfolio website. It focuses on deep powder action from cat and heli operations like Selkirk Wilderness Skiing, Valhalla Powdercats, and Snowwater Heliskiing. If you've been to the West Kootenays, you know these are some of the best places to hit and the pictures prove it.

Check it out, and let the pictures do the talking.