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Orage Masters IX at Retallack Catskiing

Booters, Pow, Metal, Superheros and Flamingos

It all happened on March 25th to 28th at Retallack Catskiing Lodge - The Orage Masters Competition. Not alot of pow to drool over in this vid but tonnes of backcountry booter action in an unreal backcountry catskiing setting. Enjoy watching the fun times as you get stoked for next season!

Here is a little explanation of what this event is:

The Orage Masters event is a team vs team battle of fun, bragging rights and ski trickery that leaves athletes and spectators speechless and begging for more. This year, skiing's one and only "anti-comp" is headed to the backcountry of Retallack lodge, BC with 10 of the most diverse skiers in the world, each set to show the world what a good time looks like… and maybe win $10,000 dollars cold hard cash along the way compliments of Orage and Outdoor Technology.

Check out more of the action here: