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Powder Friday - Long ago in a Far Away Place Called Valhalla...

A video from a trip we did before we even started this website.

Here at Catskiing Canada we tend to drift away from work on Friday's. During a conversation about whether we should skip out and go mountain biking we started sending each other videos that we shot from years gone by. The above is from a trip we did in 2005 to Valhalla Powder Cats just outside of Nelson BC.

This particular trip had a very unassuming start. We arrived in Nelson to only a skif of snow. So we went and grabbed a few beverages and told each other that at least we were on a road trip and that some snow is better than no snow.

Well, the next morning as we drove up the Slocan Valley in the Valhalla van we started to realized that we were in for a treat. That day stands as our deepest day on record. Over 80cms had fallen in two days and we were literally speachless. Valhalla Powder Cats has sinced moved to new terrain so we will always feel lucky that we got this day in the old terrain. Of course, the new terrain is incredible but watching this video always make us want for something we can't have.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!