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Salomon Freeski TV Season 6 Episode 10 - The Burn

Powder skiing in burn areas is a euphoric experience

Salomon Freeski TV has done it again. This latest installment of season 3 has left us drooling on our keyboards again. Some of our best days of catskiing have involved a burn area of some kind.

I remember the first time in 2003 in the original Valhalla terrain. 85cms had fallen in two days and all we wanted to ski was the burn area. You see, the thing with burnt tree runs is that the snow is more stable than open slopes, the snow that usually is on the branches is on the ground and you can see every hit in the terrain!

In the years since that first burn experience we have had the pleasure of skiing these wide open deep trees at K3 Catskiing, Valhalla Powdercats, Big Red Cats among others. This particular Salomon Freeski episode has shots from Monashee Powder.

Forest fires are a scary thing and can be very damaging to the lives of people who live in or near them. But there is always some part of me that thinks about what new runs there might be somewhere in the backcountry of BC when it's fire season...

Enjoy this episode of Salomon Freeski TV - The Burn