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Small Group Catskiing now at Big Red Cats

A more intimate experience with you and 5 of your friends


We all likely started skiing at the local resorts. That was good, for a while. Then the line-ups and crowds started to get to you so you starting looking for somethings else. Catskiing was your next step. The open powder runs, fresh tracks every run, no signs, no ski patrol, just you and 12 other guests. Well, maybe now skiing with 12 others is just too crowded. For that, Big Red Cats has the answer...

Small Group Catskiing is now available at BRC. They still will have their standard cats running groups of 12 but now will offer a cat that will take two smaller groups of 5-7 skiers at a time. Yes, the cat ride up will still be full, but once on the slope you will be skiing terrain in your own small group with your own guides. You will then meet up at a pre-arranged location and do it all over again.

So why small groups? Well, according to Kieren Gaul of Big Red Cats, expert guests will get to experience different terrain such as narrow chutes and drops with more personal attention from their guides. “Having smaller groups of expert skiers in the cats will allow small groups to move through the terrain more quickly” says Kieren. That means more vertical and more powder in a day than a larger group.

Who is this for? As mentioned above, this program is intended for expert skiers looking to ski harder, faster and search out more challenging terrain. According to Kieren, “The idea behind this is to offer our guests a more intimate experience. It is also great if you have 5 friends that are really close in ability and want to try some really cool lines.”

If this is making your ski legs tingle a day of small group catskiing can be yours for $425/person/day in the low season and $475/person/day in the high season.

For more details, contact Kieren or Paula at Big Red Cats today. Word is they are starting to book up...

If you end up booking a trip, be sure to let em know set ya!