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The Lines of Legends - A History of Catskiing and Snowboarding at Island Lake Lodge

A 25 Year look back at what makes this place so special to so many

Established in 1988 Island Lake Lodge is one of the pioneering catski operations in British Columbia. As a kid growing up in BC Island Lake was the place I wanted to experience. I was a huge Scot Schmidt fan complete with posters on my walls - from Island Lake of course. This short film is a compilation from footage shot over the past quarter century showing the world what makes Island Lake Lodge such a magnificent place.

Not often to you get to learn about how a place started and evolved to what it is today. Island Lake caught the attention of world-class skiers and snowboarders from very early on. So much so that they invested in the place when the opportunity came about to purchase the land. They have preserved the soul of Island Lake while growing it to attract more people each year. This even includes a full summer mountain experience.

The snow at Island Lake needs little mention once you have seen this video. They have some deep powder up there in the Lizard Range. "Duck Fluff" according to Schmidt! There are some turns in there that make we want to pack the truck and find snow right now!

Enjoy this video. It is a little longer at 22 minutes but well worth your time. After watching, do yourself a favour: call your best ski friends and put together a trip. Become part of the history of Island Lake this season.

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