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Hanging out with Pow Gloves

When I got the phone call from Kaiser that I should stop by Pow while in Seattle, I was excited to check it out.  I’ve rocked the shockers since they came out and really like the humor and style behind Pows gloves. With the upcoming 08-09 models coming out in stores, I hope people will love them as much as I do. We need more mustachios, high 5’s and shockers in the world.
When I arrived, I met with Dustin who is the founder/CEO of Pow Gloves and Henry the multi-tasking intern. Kaiser who is the marketing man was picking up food with some athlete prospects. Across the street from Pow happens to be a very good place to get a sandwich and I got lucky to be able to taste some that Kaiser brought back..... 

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Henry the intern by his desk and Kaiser’s desk
Dustin’s side of the office

Pow is still growing but the passion behind them is loud and clear.  During my time there,  I learned a lot about the company; how it became Pow Gloves, future goals and ideas, and educating me on the technical design aspects of building a glove.   That’s one of the fun things about visiting a company is getting the background of how they got to the present state of mind and really getting to see who works there.
Dustin showing off the current line of Pow Gloves for 2008-2009 season.

In the back is where the the magic happens, designs and stickers are made.

Pow gloves also is checking out other venues of gloves including bike and golf. Perfect for those snowboarders who participate in the other sports and want to keep with the same company. I know a lot of snowboarders who also golf, myself included so it’s cool to see a snowboarders influence on golfing.

Dan Egan wasn’t in the office today, but he runs the designs and creative director side of Pow gloves.

Dustin made sure that I got to check out the Shocker Bathroom…and it blew me away. Brown door and pink walls. The shocker gloves are awesome in the sick sick sense…and the shocker bathroom is just more amazing than words can describe.
In the shocker bathroom was this…I thought for sure it was a whip but it was not.
Boxes and boxes of gloves, here’s some of the boxes of skinny gloves that I’ve been rocking as my spring/summer glove.
Checking out the Pow soft goods. The shirts on the right have some glove material put to use in them, heavy but cool.
I got to glimpse some of the upcoming 09-10 products for Pow…but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I was able to try on the 1st round of samples and I really liked how the chick gloves/mittens looked/fit so far. It was sweet to see upcoming ideas that they might throw out there in the future years.
I didn’t realize it but 2 hours had passed by the time I got there just hanging out talking snowboarding and gloves. It was awesome to get to spend more time with the boys behind Pow and I definitely hope to keep rocking the gloves this winter. Like everyone else…I’m just waiting for the high 5’s so I can continue my high 5 competition this winter.