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Glove Review: 08-09 POW Women’s Skinny

2008-2009 POW Women’s Skinny glove

smallskinnyUse as an upgrade glove liner or in situations where dexterity is still king. Find out what a difference this 2nd skin can make in your quiver.

Intended Purpose: This is a spring weather glove or inner glove upgrade. It is meant for temperates from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 65 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Sizing: I have typical women’s hands. I am wearing a size mediums in the skinny gloves, and seriously they fit me perfectly. It doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing gloves because of the perfect fit, like a second skin.

Features: The catalog says it “attracts mates” but I’m still waiting for that…haha. But seriously, these are really lightweight gloves that you can wear under another set of gloves or sport as your spring glove. It comes in 3 different colors, I’m sporting the purple and black combo.....

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Durability: The palm is a silicon grip printed clarino…which is just another way to describe a grippy palm. The shell is stretch corded nylon, which is nice because the glove overall is very stretchy which makes you wonder when you put it on cause it’s tight but then no problem with it being uncomfortable or too tight. So far with the 10 or so days I’ve spent on snow with this glove, it is lightweight, I have no problems with it ripping from holding the edge of my board or the material being an issue…seems like it will last. As a spring/under layer glove, it’s not very waterproof…so touching the snow a lot will get it wet.

Location: I received the gloves late in May to try out in spring conditions at A-Basin, Colorado. I spent a couple days with the Mustacheo’s and then moved onto the skinny’s. I plan to be wearing these at Hood in a couple weeks for my summer shred session.

Conditions: Here is one day I wore the gloves, which was a mixture of sun and clouds and some snow. Temperatures varied throughout the day, I switched from a hoodie to a windbreaker jacket throughout the day.

Thoughts: For me having gloves as a second skin is amazing…because I feel like it’s normal hand movement without anything slowing it down.

I’ve spent 10 or so days with the glove in spring weather…this glove is really perfect for spring/summer riding where you don’t want something too bulky on your hands but enough to keep them dry. I used the gloves to hike with at St. Mary’s Glacier last month and they are ready for more hiking, more riding this summer. I like the lightweight of it, there’s no bells and whistles…but you don’t need those on this glove.

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