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The latest news from the catskiing / snowcat industry.  Where to ski, who has snow, whats happening.  We also post reviews of the latest gear, skis, and some general interest stuff.  Be sure to check for last minute deals to make your winter vacation the best.

New MSP Trailer - Superheros of Stoke is out!

A new film that takes a look back to see how we move forward


We are stoked about this one! Every year Matchstick Productions ups their game and always brings us something new and exciting to get stoked up about the upcoming season. We especially like the sneak peak at this flick because it pays tribute to the pioneers that help shape skiing into what it is today. One thing I remember is my first time catskiing back in the 90's in Revelstoke. At the time there were only a handful of operations and it was a super exclusive thing to do.

Today, we have over 20 operators that range from day operations to multi-day and week long vacations. So keep in mind, while skiers keep pushing the limits of what is possible on skis, there are the operators, guides and staff that are working just as hard to develop the ultimate backcountry cat skiing experience for get us stoked! One of those operators is featured in this trailer with some over-the-head powder shots from Chatter Creek.


From Matchstick...

MSP is proud to bring you the most eagerly awaited ski film of the last two decades. "SUPERHEROES OF STOKE" celebrates MSP's heritage and 20 years of skiing progression, showcasing icons of the sport and honoring the moments that helped define modern freeskiing. This awe-inspiring new film takes a captivating look at the past, present, and future of freeskiing through comprehensive storytelling and engaging first-person perspectives from those who helped change the game. Throughout the film, MSP honors the heroes who have emerged over the years and pays tribute to the heroes who have been lost. "SUPERHEROES OF STOKE" showcases incredible new action from all corners of the globe, encompassing overhead powder at Chatter Creek, massive spine walls in Alaska's Tordrillo Mountains, pillow lines and tree jibs in Japan, and massive man-made features at Whistler and Alyeska.

Starring an elite class of superheroes, including: Mark Abma, James Heim, Ingrid Backstrom, Riley Leboe, Russ Henshaw, Eric Hjorleifson, Gus Kenworthy, Richard Permin, PK Hunder, Sean Pettit, Michelle Parker, Cody Townsend, Jacob Wester, Aidan Sheahan, Logan Pehota, Leo Ahrens, and Sam Anthamatten. Also featuring legendary cameos from earlier generations of the MSP universe: Shane McConkey, Seth Morrison, Wendy Fisher, JP Auclair, Mike Douglas, CR Johnson, Tanner Hall, Eric Pollard, Hugo Harrisson, Sarah Burke, and many more.

Powder Friday - Long ago in a Far Away Place Called Valhalla...

A video from a trip we did before we even started this website.

Here at Catskiing Canada we tend to drift away from work on Friday's. During a conversation about whether we should skip out and go mountain biking we started sending each other videos that we shot from years gone by. The above is from a trip we did in 2005 to Valhalla Powder Cats just outside of Nelson BC.

This particular trip had a very unassuming start. We arrived in Nelson to only a skif of snow. So we went and grabbed a few beverages and told each other that at least we were on a road trip and that some snow is better than no snow.

Well, the next morning as we drove up the Slocan Valley in the Valhalla van we started to realized that we were in for a treat. That day stands as our deepest day on record. Over 80cms had fallen in two days and we were literally speachless. Valhalla Powder Cats has sinced moved to new terrain so we will always feel lucky that we got this day in the old terrain. Of course, the new terrain is incredible but watching this video always make us want for something we can't have.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Junuary Storm Inspires a very early bird deal from Big Red Cats

It snowed in the higher up spots in BC so why not think Catskiing?!

Early Bird Cat Skiing Specials from Big Red Cats

Earlybird Specials - Must be booked by July 1st 2012:

Red Reservations Luxury Condos 40% OFF!

Full-Cat Safari Packages (must have a group of 12):

In 3 Feb, out 10 Feb, 7 nights in the Big Red Lodge. 3 days cat skiing at Big Red Cats, 2 days at Valhalla Powder Cats, and 1 day lift pass at Red Mountain or Whitewater Resort: $2427 per person INCLUDING ALL TAXES

In 12 Jan, out 19 Jan, 7 nights in the Big Red Lodge, 3 days at Big Red Cats, 2 days at Valhalla Powder Cats, 1 day pass for Red Mountain or Whitewater Resort: $2176 per person INCLUDING ALL TAXES

Or book a group of 8 and get a 9th seat for free!  Book a group of 6, and get a 7th seat half price.

The first official day of the 2012/2013 season is December 26th, 2012. Although, they have been know to open if there is enough snow!

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (250) 362-2271 to book the 2012/2013 season.

It's never too early!

Powder Friday - Feed the Addiction

Powder Videos can keep the addiction at bay or push you over the edge!

It's the first Friday of June and already I am thinking about the wait until next powder season. We have had reports in from a few catskiing operations already. Telling us that they have been out scouting new terrain, planning new roads and designing some creative packages for you for the 2012/2013 season.

So to help feed your addiction I found this post this morning from wonderful world wide web. It is an edit by Eliel Hindert and has some killer powder shots and a decent sound track. It's Friday, you have worked hard all week. Take a break and check out this video.

You may recognize some footage from the Kootenay area. Specifically Red Mountain, Whitewater and Revelstoke Mountain.

Happy Friday! Enjoy...

Warren Miller - Flow State First Teaser

Winter just ended and the ski film teasers are already out!

Here is the first glimpse at the new film from Warren Miller Entertainment. It is the 63rd installment from good ol' Warren Miller and his crew. Last year's film was a serious improvement from the previous few years. It looks like Warren Miller may be making a come back...


Spring Catskiing Looks Classy

With all the late season snow in BC this picture inspired us!

Timberline-Lodge-Snow-CatSome call them the good ol'days. Why not make right now the good ol'days?! With all the late season snow out there in the BC backcountry, wouldn't it be great to have a few relaxing laps in a snow cat to enjoy the transition from winter to summer? At least the chance to hang on to the snow season just a little bit longer?

We know, there are snow stability issues and safety comes first. And that most people have been golfing for months and are out on their bikes and getting their boats ready. But come one, doesn't this photo make you yearn for some overtime in the BC catskiing country?

(Photo: Timberline Lodge - Oregon)

A guest report from Skeena Cat Skiing

British Columbia's Most Northern Catskiing Operation


We haven't had the opportunity to visit BC's newest and most northerly catskiing operation - Skeena Catskiing - yet. However, a recent we received the report below from a very pleased guest on this, the anagural year at Skeena Cat Skiing:

"I skied two days with Skeena Catskiing this winter and it was fantastic. The terrain was great.  Great guide also ad I've never seen anyone drive a cat like Jevon.  I have not a single complaint and all the locals who skied with Skeena have nothing but positive things to say.  Deep snow, nice fall lines and we laughed our asses off to boot.  Check them out."

 - Eric Dufresne

Thanks for the report Eric! We hope to enjoy some of the northern powder, mountains and hospitality soon.

Here are some photos that Eric sent along from his 2 day trip to Skeena Catskiing:

Skeena Catskiing is located in Northern BC near a little town called New Hazelton. You can get there by way of a few airlines that have daily flights to the nearest airport in Smithers. For more details on travelling to BC's great white north and Skeena Catskiign, CLICK HERE >>>

Birthday Chutes at Valhalla Powdercats

Nothing better than deep pow on your Birthday


My birthday is on the 24th of March.  I often get some spring skiing in as part of the festivities. With spring skiing you expect sunshine and corn snow.  Good times for sure, but not the powder stoke.  This year British Columbia has been blessed with a lot of snow in March ( 2+ meters in some areas ), and not too many sunny days ( Don't want to ruin all that lovely snow). 

We lucked out my birthday with a special treat of tasty powder and some beautiful sunshine.   The Guides got wind of it being my birthday and lined up something special for us...  The Birthday Chutes!  A rocky corridor of fun that spits you out into a pristine bowl with some great natural hits too boot!  

We have always been impressed with the quality and variety of the terrain at Valhalla.  On our previous trips to Valhalla we had always visited early in the season.  This later trip gave us an opportunity to see more of there terrain.   Let me tell you... It just gets better and better.

A big thank you Josh, Nesbo, Clark, and the rest of the Valhalla crew for making our trip and my birthday Epic!

Into the Selkirk Wild

We travel back to the birthplace of catskiing

Selkirk Wilderness Skiing - Catskiing CanadaSometimes things come together just right. Selkirk Wilderness had us out this year in late March. The 19th and 20th to be exact. Usually we would expect spring-like conditions. Warmer temperatures and sunny skies are things that come to mind when thinking about skiing in the later half of March. But not this season. No, the mood swings of La Nina had something different in store for us on our visit to SWS.

We arrived on Sunday night after a warm and dry drive through the valley towards Meadow Creek BC, the home of SWS. Even in places like Revelstoke the melt was on. We were feeling a little discouraged when the road was all mud as we approached the meeting spot. There wasn't even any snow there. But what boggled our minds was that all the BC weather reports have been saying nothing but crazy snow storms, 100 + centimetres at a time... These are the reports that make a skier start to froth at the mouth!

As we started to ascend up the Selkirk Wilderness access road the snowpack started to deepen. And then the brown landscape of the valley became a distant memory in mere minutes. We rolled up to the SWS lodge and found ourselves in a winter wonderland. Cold air, deep snow and a feeling that good things we coming over the next two days. Guests who have skied at Selkirk Wilderness for decades commented that they had never seen the snowpack so deep at the lodge before. More frothing...

Day One – We wake up and it is dark and low cloud. Spirits were high though, the snow was deep and that is what we were there for. After a hearty breakfast prepared by Melissa and her crew it was outside for a safety briefing and beacon training. Then we were off. The first cat ride up is a little longer so we can get up to Meadow Mountain. Half way up we started to see a few breaks in the clouds and then pow, we were in sunshine. Yup, 100cms in a week or so and then we get sunshine. The skiing was fantastic and we got to soak in some of the view points from Meadow Mountain and the surrounding ridges.

We were able to ski somewhere in the neighbourhood or 10 or 11 runs that day. Our guides Jeff and Rob took us to varied terrain including open faces, tree runs, gullies and more. Each run offering a different personality and terrain features that kept all skill levels in our group satisfied. These guides really know there terrain and can assess a group early on in the day which makes the experience at Selkirk Wilderness all the better.

We ended up back at the lodge a happy bunch. We chilled on the deck with the group from the other cat as well as a film crew from Sherpas Cinemas. There is nothing like hanging out with people you just met talking about skiing powder and sharing a few beers. It is one of the things we really love about the SWS experience.

Day Two – We wake up and it is starting to snow. And  snow it did. At times it fell as if the clouds were falling down on us. Puking BC powder and we loved every minute of it! Jeff and Rob were itching to get out in the morning so they wrangled our crew together and got us out the door first. There was a method to there madness as they took us up to an area called Lightning Ridge. Our first run was Cadillac. It hadn't been skied in almost 3 weeks and I don't think the guides could have guessed how sweet it would be. After one run everyone was trying to put it into words. I am just glad that our guides knew what they had stumbled upon because they kept us there all day. We sessioned Lighting Ridge from one end to the next. As one of our guides put it, “ We are going to keep doing this till we get it right!” Well, they got it right and made Tuesday March 20th 2012 one of the best days we have had on skis.

So as I said, sometimes things come together just right. Our entire crew was able to work this trip into their schedules, we arrived after the biggest storm cycle of the season, we got sunshine on day one and we got serious powder on the second day. Put that together with the hospitality of the people at the SWS lodge and the new friends we met and you have a recipe for a story to tell over and over again any chance we get.

We hope you enjoy the photos below that we got on this season's trip to Selkirk Wilderness. We definitely recommend booking a trip with this outfit. They treat you like family and show you what skiing powder and enjoying the mountains is all about.

Thanks SWS.