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Red Bull Supernatural is coming to Baldface Lodge

Travis Rice aims to find the world's most all-round snowboarder this February

red bull supernatural baldface lodge

Part of the event area of Red Bull Supernatural ©Danny Zapalac/Red Bull Content Pool

Travis Rice and a team of lumberjacks hiked up into the BC backcountry last summer to build the ultimate run. The concept is to combine all aspects of snowboarding into one run; meaning steeps, trees, freestyle, jib... all of it. The goal: to find the world's best all-round rider.

The slope that will be the feature of the Red Bull Supernatural event can be found at Baldface Lodge. It's a catskiing operation nestled in the Kootenay mountains near Nelson in the interior if British Columbia. The run is called 'Scary Cherry' and scary it is boasting a 45 degree pitch in some spots. It will feature over 80 different man made hits and stunts along with the natural bluffs and treelines that Baldface is known for.

Riders and film crews will be up at Baldface Lodge for a week of riding between February 3rd and 8th. The plan is to pick the best day with the most optimal conditions and see what happens!

For more the full story, check out Red Bull's site here >>>

Powder at K3 Catskiing

K3 Catskiing delivers unbelievable and unexpected powder conditions in early January


“You are so lucky to have this so close to you”

These remarks came from our new friend from Holland at the end of an unexpected powder day at K3 Catskiing. I say unexpected because at the valley bottom it was + 5 Celsius and raining. But up at the K3 staging area it was -4 and snowing...heavily. Our headquaters is located in Kelowna BC which is an easy 2 hours drive whereas our new ski friend from Holland has to travel quite a ways and gamble on the conditions in the Alps being worth the trip!

Expectations are very high this year for BC backcoutnry operators after an epic La Nina season in 2011. The weather gurus up and down the west coast of North America are calling for a repeat of last year so all eyes are watching the storm patterns in BC. And K3 has had it's fair share of powder dumps.

Beginning with a huge hit of snow in November, K3 got an early jump on road building and the stoke level was high. Then some high pressure systems killed the snow cycles and all has been a little quite in the catskiing world around the BC interior save for a few northern operations. But at K3, the base has been steadily building each day. As we rode up the access road with David and Rod, operators of K3, they told that small dumps of 10cms at a time have led to a base of over 2 metres with an average of a 30-40cm foot penetration. That means that you could be skiing knee deep powder at any given time in their terrain!

With all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season now behind us, we were pumped to be headed to K3 Catskiing for our first turns of the 2012 season. It was January 3rd as we headed north out of the Okanagan Valley and into the Monashee range where K3 operates as the only day trip operation in the area. This is one of our favourite areas to hang out and search for powder. You see, within the same area you will find not only K3's operation, but Mustang Powder, Chatter Creek, and Revelstoke Mountain Resort. It is a powderhound's playground!

This year we were treated to 7cms of fresh snow first thing in the morning with another 5cms or more falling throughout the day. Combine that with a foot deep powder penetration and needless to say, the group in the cat was all smiles. If you are a returning visitor to this website then you will know we have been to K3 a few times before and we have mentioned the South Park area of their terrain. The South Park is an old burned forest that has a nice pitch and is always full of powder. It also makes for some pretty dramatic photography. This year we pulled out the strobe lights and got some really cool shots that you can see in the gallery below.

We had a few German guests skiing with us so there was certainly a language barrier, but given the look on their faces each run, we knew they were thinking what we were thinking. Also joining us was a young lady who was catskiing for the first time. We love to see this because many people see catskiing as this extreme, cliff dropping, chute skiing dangerous adventure. And it can be that. But more often than not, catskiing is the perfect way to get acquainted with the backcoutry and experience bottomless powder that you would never find at a resort.

K3 Catskiing is in its 5th year of operations and the word is out. They are mostly booked for the season but have a few single days here and there left in their schedule. It is best to give them a call directly to see what you can get. We recommend getting on the waiting list in case there any last minute cancellations. With the snow already in fantastic shape we can only imagine what it will be like up there mid-season.

If you do end up skiing with David, Rod, Kris, Todd and Carl this season, be sure to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know what you think!


Selkirk Wilderness Skiing and Sherpas Cinema Team Up!

A match made in heaven…


Could there be anything better than Selkirk Wilderness Skiing (SWS) and Sherpas Cinema teaming up to produce a cutting short promo film? Following on their massive success of the full length feature film “All I Can”, Sherpas Cinema has been retained by SWS, the original snowcat operation in the world, to create a short film to help promote SWS to the global ski and snowboard community.

“We are so excited to be working with Sherpas Cinema on this project,” said Irene Brinkman, General Manager of Selkirk Wilderness Skiing. “I could not believe it when they responded to our call for proposals and how excited they are to work with us! We can’t wait to see what they come up with especially after seeing what they have done with the film All I Can which is so amazing.”

The upcoming film, written and directed by Dave Mossop and Eric Crosland, will be shot this winter (2012) at SWS and will star surprise ski and snowboard athletes as well as the ever impressive SWS Guiding Team lead by Jason Remple. Without giving too much away, the film will focus on what makes SWS truly one of the best snowcat operations in the world including some awe inspiring powder footage and also finds the heart of why guests keep coming back year after year. The project is scheduled for a July 2012 release.

“The idyllic setting and rich history of SWS sets the perfect stage to tell a compelling story about the originators of Cat Skiing in Canada”, says Sherpas Producer Malcolm Sangster. “They started a movement, sub-culture, and on-going industry here and we want to tell that story and show why SWS is still at the top.”
Since 1975, Selkirk Wilderness Skiing has been known as the original snowcat operation. During the years since then, and with only 24 skiers per week, they have developed a loyal following as one of the finest experiences that a seasoned skier or snowboarder could hope to enjoy, and also the perfect place to try deep powder for the first time. Situated in the southeastern corner of British Columbia, about 90 minutes from Nelson, visitors to SWS can experience over 70,000 vertical feet of untracked bliss. The network of snowcat roads provides skiing within an area of 30 square miles (the size of Vail and Whistler combined) with runs up to 4000 vertical feet.

For more information please visit:

Powder and Pillows at Monashee and Valhalla Catskiing

Level 1 Productions gets treated right by La Nina in BC's Backcountry

level-1-productions-after-darkIf you haven't checked out After Dark by Level 1 Productions yet, this little teaser should be just enough to get you to head on over to itunes and download it. Level 1 has been releasing webisodes lately to promote the film called Extra Dark. They go a bit 'deeper' into the footage that they caught from last season's epic La Nina spell.

In this Exrta Dark #8 BC native fxq7gh Bibby and crew head out to Monashee Powder Cats and Valhalla Powder Catskiing in search of some deep pillow lines. Judging by the above video, they found what they were looking the words of fxq7gh, "this is some of the deepest snow I have skied."

Enjoy the video and definitely check out After Dark. It is a quality production with some obviously awesome footage.

For the full story from Level 1, Click here...

1 Minute and 18 Seconds of Catskiing Awesomeness

MSP Launches a New Web Series - Circa Hiberna

Circa Hiberna is a new webisode project from Matchstick Productions. They promise new videos on a 'Regular Basis'. Now we are going to be scouring the web weekly searching for our next ski flick fix. Thanks MSP...

Here is the cool thing: to kick off the new project and to show how incredible last season's La Nina was, MSP decided to lead with footage from two of BC's Catskiing Operators: Chatter Creek and Selkirk Wilderness Skiing. Now that's sayin' something!


Powder Highway 2012 Winner Announced

The Powder Highway gives Fuel to Kate's Addiction!

Powder Highway Ski Bum ContestKate Eidger is this year's lucky recipient of the 2012 Powder Highway Contest. As you can see by the video above, this girl eats, sleeps and breathes powder! We can only imagine that 3 months of shredding BC's best powder at some amazing resorts, Catskiing operations and Heli skiing operations will take her further down the rabbit hole of powder obsession. We approve...Congrats Kate!

To follow Kate's exploits on the Powder Highway, join the PH Facebook page...

Oh, by the way, Kate is also a photographer so we are expecting some killer shots this season. Have a look at her work here:

At Mustang Powder with the Winner of the Ski Canada Contest

Andrew Pilliar collects on his prize and really cashes in!

Andrew-Pilliar-Ski-Canada-WinnerTrue story: we have a good friend named Andrew who lives in Vancouver and entered the Ski Canada 40th Anniversary Sweepstakes Contest. When word went out on Facebook a few months back that a certain Andrew from Vancouver was the winner, we were convinced it was him. We couldn't confirm the last name so we naturally assumed it was our Andrew. I mean, how many Andrews can there be in Vancouver? We were going to research this to really show that we are hot journalists but were distracted by ski videos on Youtube...

As it turns out, it wasn't our Andrew, but another lucky guy. Here is what he had to say about his trip to Mustang Powder courtesy of Ski Canada Magazine:

"Subscribing to Ski Canada this year was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time - winning 2 days of cat skiing at Mustang Powder absolutely confirms that!

I'd never been cat skiing before - though it had been on my wish list for years - and I was a little skeptical about the snow conditions as I drove from Vancouver to Mustang's pick-up spot between Sicamous and Revelstoke.  Although the website said they had 6 feet of snow at the lodge, the roads and countryside were snow-free as I drove up, and I expected that the conditions had been exaggerated.  I was wrong.

Saying that my two days at Mustang were the best early season skiing I've ever had doesn't do them justice.  They were among the best powder days I've ever had.  Period.  Mustang runs a very smooth operation - staff are very personable and professional throughout, the food is terrific, the lodge is very comfortable, and most importantly, their guides are there to find you as much great skiing as possible.  No run farming.

I'm very impressed with Mustang's operation, and can't wait to try to come back with friends in the future."

It was great meeting you Andrew. Now we have two friends named Andrew!

Try out your luck in a Ski Canada Contest here >>>

Mustang Powder - Day 2

What was awesome got even better!


Our first trip of the season is now over and we are back to the harsh realities of the real world. But the images from our past two days at Mustang Powder are still burned into our minds. It doesn't help that Geoff, our photographer, filled an entire memory card on his camera this trip. Everytime I take a break from work I find myself starring at shot, after shot, after shot...

The photos in question chronicle our two day trip from December 5th to December 6th. They tell a story of epic early season snow that blanketed the nothern Monashee range. Mustang is always the first operation open each season and this year guests were treated to a base that was just shy of 2 metres (over 6 feet!) at the lodge. Who knows how deep it was around the terrain we were skiing, but we can tell you this: there is a lot of snow up there.

These shots also tell the story of the terrain that can be found up at Mustang Powder. We were guided around to everything from open bowls, evenly spaced trees, pillow lines, rocks, drops, chutes... you name it, we skied it. 

We want to thank Nick, Ali and Jess for making this trip happen and to Bruno, Heidi, Zoe, Steve, Jack and Larry for guiding us to some incredible terrain and keeping us safe. Mustand Powder is a top notch operation and we will have many stories posting over the next few weeks about our experiences on this season's trip.In the meantime, enjoy the photos below:


Deck the Halls with Mustang Powder

Book early book often


Today was day one for us at Mustang Powder and it was like an early Christmas present. 'Saint' Nick has his crew finely tuned and ready for the season. They have tonnes of cat roads already in serving an early abundance of untouched Monashee powder. Seriously, the snow here is deep considering it is only December 5th. 

The groups are stoked, the guides are fantastic and really know there terrain, and the beer at the lodge is excellent. Tonight, we are being treated to a wine presentation by Patrick Maloney from Snowwater which is sure to be a treat as well. 

Here are a few shots from today. If these don't tempt you to pick up the phone and call Mustang, check your pulse and see your doctor right away. More to come tomorrow...