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The latest news from the catskiing / snowcat industry.  Where to ski, who has snow, whats happening.  We also post reviews of the latest gear, skis, and some general interest stuff.  Be sure to check for last minute deals to make your winter vacation the best.

Like There's No Tomorrow Trailer

Warren Miller's 62nd film . . .We are pretty sure there is some BC pow in there!

Warren Miller Entertainment released the trailer to their latest film today and it looks like they are stepping it up a bit for next season. It is hard not too with the amount of powder that blessed us this winter. Especially here in BC where we set some records in some areas! This is the 62nd film from WME and I have to say, we are looking forward to this one. In past year's films from MSP and TGR have over-shadowed the classic interpretations from good ol' Warren and his band of merry skiers. Check this trailer out and leave us your view in the comments. Enjoy!

Retallack - The Movie

A place so legendary they made a movie about it.

On what has developed to become one of the best snow seasons in recent history – Tanner Hall and Co. will take you on a ride of pure powder bliss. Retallack Lodge has cultivated a unique ski culture — rich in history, salt-of-the-earth characters, and laid back vibe. Retallack’s legendary terrain features a wide variety of aspects, elevation, fall-line pitch, and pristine backdrops — allowing the production crew and cast to demonstrate what skiing means to them. Featuring huge backcountry jumps, seemingly endless pillow lines, mind blowing deep powder, epic tree skiing, and unique new highlights yet to be seen in the backcountry. Follow Tanner after his two year recovery, taking his skiing into a new realm with a comeback segment that won’t be forgotten. The Retallack Movie will feature visually stimulating scenery, history, culture, soul, and flawless skiing action and conditions.

Directed By: fxq7gh Finbow / co-created by Ian Provo, Neil Provo and Tanner Hall
Edited By: fxq7gh Finbow

Coming August 1st 2011

Check out Inspired Media's website here:

Does this video make you want to go to Retallack? Check it out here and tell em set ya!

The Wildhorse Advanced Spring Skiing Program.

Catskiing + remote cabin + small group = awesome!


This trip is perfect for those that want to do some ski touring and access some of the steeper terrain and more remote terrain at Wildhorse Catskiing. Typically there will be 30 minute ski tours to access the run and snowcat/snowmobile pickups. Depending on the group there can be some customization of the tour to include more avalanche awareness instruction, ski touring hints, steep skiing advice, more ski touring, etc.

Wildhorse Catskiing and Powder Mining Co. has been offering a ski touring program from the Ymir Yurts for over 10 years now and until now they have been separate programs. “We are excited to see the combination of catskiing and ski touring. We do also offer ski touring only programs as well as catskiing/ski touring programs at our three cabins all through the winter.” says Trevor Holsworth, Lead Wrangler at Wildhorse.

Accommodation will be at the Wildhorse Cabin situated at 6,500 ft and limited to 6 participants. All meals and guiding are included in the price.

Booking is available online at Wildhorse Catskiing and Powder Mining Booking

For more information on the cabin and photos from last season, click here >>>

2012 Booking Specials at Valhalla Powder Catskiing

The season is over so why not plan for next year!

book-early-at-valhalla-powdercatsBC has just come off a banner powder season and Valhalla Powdercats got hit with some amazing powder dumps this season. Why are we telling you this now? You may be thinking, "It's all over man, why are you killing us with news about how awesome it was while we were stuck at work dreaming about skiing and wondering why we didn't book a trip?!". We well are giving you ample time this year to get in on some great early season deals for next season. Check out the latest from Valhalla Powdercats:

EARLY SEASON (Start to Jan 15th) $9000 for 3 day full cat if paid in full by May 15th 2011

HIGH SEASON  (Jan 16th to March 15th) $12000 for 3 day full cat if paid by May 15th 2011

A Full cat is 12 people. So get your 11 closest friends and book your trip today to take advantage of these super-early deals.

If you need further convincing, check out our latest trip to Valhalla Powder Catskiing here >>>

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It's still Winter at Big Red Cats!

More terrain at BRC opens up more seats

Big Red Catskiing March 18 2011We are on the backside of March now and most of the population is done with winter. But not Big Red Cats. We arrived on Friday morning at 8:30am to meet a bus load of guests ready to pile into 4 snowcats. Four! It was amazing to see this fleet of Piston Bullies rolling up to the staging area prep'd and ready to take the mass of powder hounds out in to the backcountry.

Now some of you may be wondering how 4 snowcats can all be up in one area and not have the snow get all chewed up. You aren''t alone. We thought the very same thing. But you know, we barely saw the other cats and rarely crossed a track save for a few little traverses. You see, Kieren and his crew at BRC have spent hundreds of hours every summer glading runs, building new roads and opening new terrain so they can accommodate more skiers and boarders at their operation.

Conditions for mid-March are incredible this season. There have been a few significant storm cycles that have topped up the snow pack and brought some consistently soft powder days. The snow is starting to get heavy in the afternoon these days but with the variety of terrain at Big Red the guides will be able to take the groups to areas less effected by the sun.

Big Red Cats still has some last minute seats available leading up to the end of their season. If you want to break free from the office or the confines of the ski resort, treat yourself to a day at BRC. We just might sneak out there one more time too!

What is more amazing than unreal powder at Mustang?

Available Seats!! Standby Seats for March 15th to 18th

mustang-powder-deal-march-2011The reports are enough to make your mouth water. Mustang Powder Catskiing has been having outstanding conditions for the last three weeks. Lots of fresh snow and cool temps have been giving them some of their best skiing – ever!

The Revelstoke forecast is calling for more snow through this week and the beginning of next week. This forecast can be found at:

.. but keep in mind that this forecast is for the town of Revelstoke. The Mustang lodge can typically be 5-8 degrees Celsius colder than temperatures in Revelstoke.

Due to a late cancellation they've had two spots open up for a four day trip next week. The prices have been reduced the to fill the empty seats. Trust us...ACT NOW!

March 15 to 18 | $550.00/day 4 days of skiing | $2484.00 including taxes | 2 spots available

This price includes your fully guided cat skiing, all meals prepared by our outstanding chefs and accommodation in our remote mountain lodge. For this trip you will need to arrive on the day prior to the first day of the trip – Monday March 14th.

Need more convincing? Check out our video from when we visited Mustang Powder. Click here >>>

If you end up booking a trip (which we highly recommend!) Do us a favour and let em know we sent ya! Visits the Legendary Selkirk Wilderness Skiing

Meadow Creek BC

Since being introduced to catskiing in the 90's we have always wanted to come a visit Selkirk Wilderness Skiing to see what all the fuss was about. It hadn't snowed very much leading up to our trip so we weren't sure what to expect. Upon our arrival though, Forest, one of the cat drivers, alluded to it being some of the best conditions in years. You see, this is the thing about backcountry lodges like Selkirk Wilderness, it can be brown on the ground in the valley and as we learned...epic in the mountains. Enjoy the video.