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The latest news from the catskiing / snowcat industry.  Where to ski, who has snow, whats happening.  We also post reviews of the latest gear, skis, and some general interest stuff.  Be sure to check for last minute deals to make your winter vacation the best.

The Ski Logik Experience

Testing the Ski Logik Howitzer and Bomb Squad's

Review of Ski Logik Howizter and Bomb SquadThumbing through the pages of a buyer's guide for the 2010/2011 ski season and one thing is quite obvious: there seems to be a plethora of new ski companies designing the latest and greatest new skis. We love this new movement in the ski industry where small manufacturers are developing new shapes, using interesting materials and building a story into every ski. Ski Logik is one of the many new kids on the block and by our accounts, have the product to stay around for a while.

On a recent trip to Wildhorse Catskiing and Valhalla PowderCats, Dave Ellison (local Kootenay skier and Ski Logik rep) slid us a couple of sets of skis to try. Armed with a pair ofHowitzers and Dave personal set of Bomb Squads we hit the cat aiming at discovering what makes these skis special.

First things first, these skis are beautiful! Ski Logik hand-makes each pair of skis putting a little sweat and custom artwork in each pair. They don't have a traditional screened top sheet either. Instead, the have a unique wood veneer artwork placed on top of the full wood construction (sidewalls included!). I didn't want to scratch these babies, I just wanted to sit and stare at them. The style reminded me of my custom cedar guitar with darker wood inlays and mother of pearl up the fret board. Seriously, they are on to something with the look of these skis.

But looks can only get you so far...The real question always is: What do they ski like?

Let's start with the Howitzer. First impressions where light, quick, nimble, yet with tremendous powder to the edge. For skiing the steeps and deeps all day long there are wider options out there, but the Howitzer would be hard to catch on the skin up. (Plus, you would look damn good waiting at the top with your hot looking skis!). The Howitzer really felt like an all mountain machine. A one ski quiver if you will. It definitely held it's own in the powder and also had characteristics that would make it a wicked touring ski as well as an all round ripper at the ski resort.

Now, the Bomb Squad is a different story. This ski lives up to it's name. It is bomber tough. Skiing through the trees they begged me to go faster. Upon coming into an open powder field I had to let these babies run. And run they did. I spent the entire day trying to find the top end of the Bomb Squads and never found it. You can bet I want more days on a pair! Even though the Bomb Squad is a bigger profile it didn't feel big and cumbersome. It still had a hint of the nimbleness of it's younger sibling which I think separates it from alot of the other independent skis out there.

The hard facts:

The Howitzer

Ski Logk Howitzer
Size: 186 cm
Tip: 137 mm | Waist: 110 mm | Tail: 131 mm
Weight: 3900 g

The Bomb Squad

Ski Logik Bomb Squad
Size: 188 cm
Tip: 148 mm | Waist: 122 mm | Tail:143 mm
Weight: 4300 g

Would we ski em?

Heck yes! The Bomb Squad was the overall favorite for the powder hound and definitely the ski of choice if you are packing some muscle. The Howitzer suprised us and would be the perfect ski if you do some skinning or just want a super nimble and light set up. The wood construction is very tough and looks fantastic. Dave had about 40 days on his already and they looked almost new. It feels kind of cool skiing on a piece of art!

Where to buy?

See our friends at Union Cycle -

Company Website:

This 7 second video will make you want to go Catskiing

A short clip from Big Red Cats on December 30th 2010

There is a lot of talk about how awesome the powder conditions are out there, especially in the Kootenays. This guest-shot 7 second video clip will be enough to make you want to call in sick and then call Big Red Cats. Word on the street is they have some seats avalible over the next few days...

$260/day or $199/day for multi-day:

Jan 5th: 5 seats | Expert Cat
Jan 6th: 2 seats | Advanced/Expert Cat
Jan 7th: 4 seats | Advanced/Expert Cat
Jan 7th: 2 seats | Expert Cat

Call 250-362-2271 or Visit

Let them know we sent ya!

Meadow Creek featured in Westworld Magazine

Selkirk Wilderness and White Grizzly show off their hometown

Catskiing-westworld-selkirkSelkirk Wilderness Skiing and White Grizzly Catskiing were recently featured in Westworld Magazine.  The article was written by Mitchell Scott, with Photography by Dave Heath. Westworld is a publication of the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) and it's a great source for travel tips, once-in-a-lifetime adventures, day trips, and more things to do in British Columbia.  This feature article focused on the town of Meadow Creek, which is the home of these two catskiing operations.  Also, as you may or may not know, Meadow Creek is the birthplace of catskiing.  This took place nearly 40 years ago with catskiing pioneer Allan Drury.  Read the article online here (page 32), and find out why Meadow Creek is a tucked away town that you may want to see this winter.

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Open Season on Powder Hunting

Many operations are open, or opening soon

catskiing-2011-open-seasonThe cats are running and the 2010/11 season is off to a snowy start. kicks off it's season tomorrow with a trip to K3 Catskiing in Revelstoke.  We have heard updates from a few operations, and we're glad to hear what this season is serving up already.


Already Open

Opening Soon

For More info on all the catskiing operations, visit our catskiing directory.

March Madness at Valhalla Powdercats

Just your group with your own cat, at a great price

valhallsmaalValhalla Powdercats is now offering a FULL SNOWCAT RENTAL, from March 16 - 30 for only $3000 per day.  That means you and 11 friends can have the snowcat all to yourselves, for a great deal.  If you have skied at Valhalla before, then you know this is a great place to take advantage of some cheap spring catskiing.  And if you haven't been there before, this is your chance to find out.  Call 866-722-7669 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.  Don't forget to also check out the Powder Safari, which combines skiing at Valhalla with Big Red Cats and Red Mountain.

K3 is the place to be

Our catskiing contest winner chooses K3 catskiing as the place to go

K3cat-0156sm2The winner of our great catskiing giveaway, Jeremy Honchell of Calgary, has chosen to go to K3 catskiing in January.  Congratulations Jeremy, we know you will have a great time with the crew from K3. Located just outside of Revelstoke, BC, K3 catskiing gets blessed with great snow storms that are common to that area.  With some exceptional tree skiing off Billy Goat ridge, and fun runs down through the burn in South Park, it is a place to go for some awesome powder skiing.  They are set to open soon, check out the open seats and book yourself in today.

4 for the Price of 3 at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Get in on some awesome early season Catskiing in Revelstoke!

REvelstoke CatskiingBetween December 3rd and the 24th, you and three friends can enjoy a day of Cat Skiing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort for just $300 per person plus HST! This full-day package includes unlimited vertical, high performance powder equipment rental, on-slope lunch, and après ski appetizers at the Rockford Wok|Bar|Grill.  The accommodation part up to you, but there are some good deals in Revy this time of year if you call around. Rates are subject to all applicable taxes and cannot be combined with any other offers. Call 250.814.5060 to today and let em know we sent ya!